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Jimmy O' Donald HAWKINS (RIN: 01669). Hazel Ava WATKINS (RIN: 01402), daughter of Aubrey Anderson WATKINS and Ava Hazel GAMMEL , was born 14 September 1946.

Children of Jimmy O' Donald HAWKINS and Hazel Ava WATKINS are:
1. Dana Michelle HAWKINS (RIN: 01724), b. 25 August 1969 See Hal Haywood THOMPSON & Dana Michelle HAWKINS
2. Keith O'Donald HAWKINS (RIN: 01680), b. 11 July 1965 See Keith O'Donald HAWKINS & Lisa Renae PICKENS

Other Marriages/Unions for Hazel Ava WATKINS:
See William Haralan PULLIAM & Hazel Ava WATKINS

Notes for Hazel Ava WATKINS: