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Jobe RIGSBY (RIN: 01317), son of Henry Hightower RIGSBY and Nancy S SOUTHARD , was born 26 September 1838 in Surry, North Carolina, USA. He died 26 September 1918 in Lee, Virginia, USA. Christina ISABELLA (RIN: 01318) was born 01 June 1840 in North Carolina, USA. She died 09 June 1913.

Children of Jobe RIGSBY and Christina ISABELLA are:
1. Emma N RIGSBY (RIN: 01322), b. September 1871 See John C EDDS & Emma N RIGSBY
2. Lou Ellen RIGSBY (RIN: 01319), b. 24 October 1867
3. Ritta RIGSBY (RIN: 01325), b. 1874
4. Samantha L RIGSBY (RIN: 01320), b. 1868 See F. M VANHUSS & Samantha L RIGSBY

Notes for Jobe RIGSBY:

Notes for Christina ISABELLA:

Notes for Lou Ellen RIGSBY:

Notes for Ritta RIGSBY: