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Samuel Andrew TALLY (RIN: 01385), son of CARTER , was born July 1864. He married Alice Beatrice LEWELLYN abt. 1892. Alice Beatrice LEWELLYN (RIN: 01386) was born July 1864 in Mississippi, USA. She died 1951 in Alcorn, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Samuel Andrew TALLY and Alice Beatrice LEWELLYN are:
1. Daniel Bascom TALLY (RIN: 04730), b. 20 May 1913 See Daniel Bascom TALLY & Lula Mae TACKER
2. Elizabeth "Lizzy" TALLY (RIN: 01535), b. July 1893 See Jessie Edward "Ed" WATKINS & Elizabeth "Lizzy" TALLY
3. Elnan TALLY (RIN: 04800), b. abt. 1908
4. Herbert TALLY (RIN: 04796), b. abt. 1905
5. John E TALLY (RIN: 04798), b. abt. 1892
6. Lorena TALLY (RIN: 04799), b. abt. 1903
7. Luther F TALLY (RIN: 04795), b. June 1897
8. Morris TALLY (RIN: 04797), b. abt. 1912
9. Willie W TALLY (RIN: 04794), b. September 1889

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