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Thomas William BYRD (RIN: 01336), son of Samuel Issac "Bogie" BYRD and Lottie Bell SKELTON , was born 1941. He married Ruby Ann SKELTON 08 July 1965. Ruby Ann SKELTON (RIN: 01506), daughter of John Kitrell SKELTON and Willie Catherine "Cassie" ALLEN , was born 09 March 2009 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Thomas William BYRD and Ruby Ann SKELTON are:
1. Loretta Lynn BYRD (RIN: 01507) See Wayne VANETTEN & Loretta Lynn BYRD OR Dan SANDERSON & Loretta Lynn BYRD OR David DULARD & Loretta Lynn BYRD

Other Marriages/Unions for Thomas William BYRD:
See Thomas William BYRD & Martha

Notes for Thomas William BYRD:

Notes for Ruby Ann SKELTON: