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Wilbur B BYRD (RIN: 01526), son of Joseph "Joe" BYRD and Josephine ALLEN , was born 22 September 1905 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He married Callie Mae SKELTON 09 August 1926 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died 18 November 1984 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Callie Mae SKELTON (RIN: 01525), daughter of James Calvin SKELTON and Adeline Virginia "Addie" YEAGER , was born 17 January 1911 in Early Grove, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. She died 02 October 1978 in Tupelo, Lee, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Wilbur B BYRD and Callie Mae SKELTON are:
1. Carnell J "Tobe" BYRD (RIN: 03504) See Carnell J "Tobe" BYRD & Margie Lucille MCCLURE
2. James Wade BYRD (RIN: 01529), b. 01 November 1928 See James Wade BYRD & Carolyn PUGH
3. Katie BYRD (RIN: 03576) See Floyd ROBERSON & Katie BYRD
4. Mary Lee "Sallie" BYRD (RIN: 01528), b. 13 June 1930 See J.P. THOMPSON & Mary Lee "Sallie" BYRD
5. Patty Sue BYRD (RIN: 03552) See Albert Arnold MCMULLEN & Patty Sue BYRD
6. Ransom BYRD (RIN: 03598), b. 25 January 1934 See Ransom BYRD & Bobby Ann LOLLAR OR Ransom BYRD & Judith Sharon WILBURN
7. Wilbur Everidge BYRD (RIN: 01527), b. 09 May 1922 See Wilbur Everidge BYRD & Margaret STRICKLAND

Notes for Wilbur B BYRD:

Notes for Callie Mae SKELTON: