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Samuel William BYRD (RIN: 01562), son of William BYRD and Hannah THORNTON , was born 1820 in Virginia, USA. He married Phoebe LAYMANCE 1843 in Tennessee, USA. Phoebe LAYMANCE (RIN: 01563) was born 1822 in North Carolina, USA.

Children of Samuel William BYRD and Phoebe LAYMANCE are:
1. Hannah BYRD (RIN: 01568), b. 1853
2. Issac BYRD (RIN: 01532), b. 1852 See Issac BYRD & Rebecca MILLER OR Issac BYRD & Sarah SKELTON OR Issac BYRD & Julia ALLEN
3. James P BYRD (RIN: 01572), b. 22 May 1848 See James P BYRD & Sallie L KANE OR James P BYRD & Florence I ASBURY
4. John BYRD (RIN: 01570), b. 1844
5. Mahala J BYRD (RIN: 01567), b. 1849
6. Margaret J BYRD (RIN: 01564), b. 1843
7. Mary E BYRD (RIN: 01565), b. 1844
8. Sarah BYRD (RIN: 01571), b. 1847
9. William H BYRD (RIN: 01566), b. 1846

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