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Edward A BRAXTON (RIN: 01609) was born 08 April 1869. He married Margaret Jane EPPS 08 April 1869 in Lincoln, Tennessee, USA. Margaret Jane EPPS (RIN: 01608), daughter of Hugh M EPPS and Elizabeth COLE , was born 1844 in Tennessee, USA.

Children of Edward A BRAXTON and Margaret Jane EPPS are:
1. Elbert M BRAXTON (RIN: 01614), b. 1875
2. Elizabeth B BRAXTON (RIN: 01612), b. 1874
3. Hugh C BRAXTON (RIN: 01611), b. 1872
4. James H BRAXTON (RIN: 01615), b. 1877
5. Jesse H BRAXTON (RIN: 01617), b. 1879
6. John E BRAXTON (RIN: 01610), b. 1870
7. Laura A BRAXTON (RIN: 01616), b. 1877

Notes for Edward A BRAXTON:

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