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John William COLE (RIN: 01632), son of John William Jr COLE and Elizabeth PAINTER , was born 1856 in Lincoln, Tennessee, USA. He married Nancy Jane FRANCIS 01 October 1874 in Cushman, Independence, Arkansas, USA. Nancy Jane FRANCIS (RIN: 01633) was born 1859 in Itawamba, Mississippi, USA.

Children of John William COLE and Nancy Jane FRANCIS are:
1. Bill COLE (RIN: 01640)
2. Charlie COLE (RIN: 01641)
3. John COLE (RIN: 01634), b. 1875
4. Lucinda COLE (RIN: 01638), b. 1880
5. Magdalene COLE (RIN: 01642)
6. Mary Elizabeth COLE (RIN: 01636), b. 06 January 1877 See Samuel Henry THOMPSON & Mary Elizabeth COLE
7. Rosevelt COLE (RIN: 01639)

Notes for John William COLE:

Notes for Nancy Jane FRANCIS:

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