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Lee W HOLLOWAY (RIN: 01895) was born 22 May 1886 in Mississippi, USA. He married Myrtle "Dora" GILLIAM 22 October 1905 in Lee, Mississippi, USA. He died 07 May 1958 in Lee, Mississippi, USA. Myrtle "Dora" GILLIAM (RIN: 01894), daughter of Andrew J GILLIAM and Mary Ella WILHITE , was born February 1883 in Mississippi, USA. She died 1920.

Children of Lee W HOLLOWAY and Myrtle "Dora" GILLIAM are:
1. Dewey Doliver HOLLOWAY (RIN: 01896), b. 16 July 1905
2. Leroy HOLLOWAY (RIN: 01901), b. 1912
3. Luther Dallas HOLLOWAY (RIN: 01897), b. 16 December 1909 See Luther Dallas HOLLOWAY & Merle CREEL
4. Woodrow HOLLOWAY (RIN: 01899), b. 1818 See Woodrow HOLLOWAY & Louise REPUT

Notes for Lee W HOLLOWAY:

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