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Auther Jesse PANNELL (RIN: 01934), son of James William PANNELL and Louisana Leylion "Louisa" DERSAR , . He married Mary Jane "Molly" ALLEN 07 October 1905 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died May 1974. Mary Jane "Molly" ALLEN (RIN: 01933), daughter of James H "Jim" ALLEN and Margaret Jane SKELTON , was born 25 August 1885 in Early Grove, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. She died 29 March 1970.

Children of Auther Jesse PANNELL and Mary Jane "Molly" ALLEN are:
1. Arthur Mack PANNELL (RIN: 04190) See Arthur Mack PANNELL & Lula Dimple SKELTON
2. Dewey PANNELL (RIN: 04113) See Dewey PANNELL & Faye YEAGER
3. Ethel Lou PANNELL (RIN: 04865)
4. Jessie J "Dick" PANNELL (RIN: 04840)
5. Lawrence Vinson PANNELL (RIN: 04889) See Lawrence Vinson PANNELL, Sr & Annie Lorene YEAGER
6. W Thurman PANNELL (RIN: 04866) See W Thurman PANNELL & Clara MORGAN

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