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Elliott Alex "Aleck" BYRD (RIN: 01937), son of Issac BYRD and Sarah SKELTON , . He married Beulah M ALLEN 05 November 1909 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died 23 December 1934. Beulah M ALLEN (RIN: 01936), daughter of James H "Jim" ALLEN and Margaret Jane SKELTON , was born 29 December 1895 in Early Grove Cemetery Marshall Co., MS. She died 01 January 1967 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Elliott Alex "Aleck" BYRD and Beulah M ALLEN are:
1. Claude Davis BYRD (RIN: 03425) See Claude Davis BYRD & Edna Louise SHOFFNER
2. Dorothy Maxine BYRD (RIN: 03366) See Curtis SKELTON & Dorothy Maxine BYRD
3. Dumpy H BYRD (RIN: 00982), b. 1934 See Dumpy H BYRD & Charlene SKELTON
4. Gladys Lavenia BYRD (RIN: 03428) See Casey RHEA & Gladys Lavenia BYRD
5. Howard V BYRD (RIN: 03441), b. 1928 See Howard V BYRD & Clara Odell RHEA
6. Ida Ruth BYRD (RIN: 03492) See WEST & Ida Ruth BYRD OR Tramel Salvin JONES & Ida Ruth BYRD
7. Janie Re BYRD (RIN: 03480) See Clyde FEATHERS & Janie Re BYRD
8. Julie Lee "Josie" BYRD (RIN: 03324) See Carl REED & Julie Lee "Josie" BYRD
9. Lola BYRD (RIN: 03365)
10. Violina BYRD (RIN: 03427) See ? & Violina BYRD

Notes for Elliott Alex "Aleck" BYRD:

Notes for Beulah M ALLEN:

Notes for Lola BYRD: