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Adolphus William "Bill" BOLDEN (RIN: 02063), son of Jefferson Davis BOLDEN and Francis G "Fannie" WILSON , was born abt. 1920. He married Margaret A "Muncie" ALLEN 24 October 1937 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died 29 March 1991 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Margaret A "Muncie" ALLEN (RIN: 02062), daughter of James Prince ALLEN and Maggie L "Coot" WATKINS , was born 20 May 1917 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. She died 06 January 1979 in Lamar, Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Adolphus William "Bill" BOLDEN and Margaret A "Muncie" ALLEN are:
1. Adolphus Eugene "Curley" BOLDEN (RIN: 05204) See Adolphus Eugene "Curley" BOLDEN & Theresa WALKER OR Adolphus Eugene "Curley" BOLDEN & JUDY
2. Diane BOLDEN (RIN: 05243)
3. Eva Mae BOLDEN (RIN: 05242)
4. James Alford "Dick" BOLDEN (RIN: 05220) See James Alford "Dick" BOLDEN & Linda Grace AUTRY
5. Ralph William BOLDEN (RIN: 05226) See Ralph William BOLDEN & Patsy PETROWSKI OR Ralph William BOLDEN & Martha BRIDGES
6. Sidney Howard "Whitey" BOLDEN (RIN: 05202) See Sidney Howard "Whitey" BOLDEN & Margaret YEAGER

Notes for Adolphus William "Bill" BOLDEN:

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