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George Thomas HUNSUCKER (RIN: 02886) was born 1804 in North Carolina, USA. He died 05 July 1880. Sally GRINDSTAFF (RIN: 02887).

Children of George Thomas HUNSUCKER and Sally GRINDSTAFF are:
1. Abraham HUNSUCKER (RIN: 02902), b. 1828
2. Archibald HUNSUCKER (RIN: 00845), b. 1820 See Archibald HUNSUCKER & Elizabeth MAYS OR Archibald HUNSUCKER & Louisa Angeline Arrington ROSS OR Archibald HUNSUCKER & Agnes WATKINS
3. John HUNSUCKER (RIN: 02901)

Other Marriages/Unions for George Thomas HUNSUCKER:
See George Thomas HUNSUCKER & Martha WOOD

Notes for George Thomas HUNSUCKER:

Notes for Abraham HUNSUCKER:

Notes for John HUNSUCKER: