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William M GAMMEL (RIN: 02204), son of Stephen Pate GAMMEL and Mary Ann RUNNELS , was born 06 August 1814 in South Carolina, USA. He married Jane L MILAM 14 June 1838 in Chambers, Alabama, USA. He died 1887 in Union, Mississippi, USA. Jane L MILAM (RIN: 02205) was born October 1820 in Georgia, USA. She died 1905 in Union, Mississippi, USA.

Children of William M GAMMEL and Jane L MILAM are:
1. Barbara Ann GAMMEL (RIN: 02206), b. February 1841 See HORTON & Barbara Ann GAMMEL
2. Henry GAMMEL (RIN: 02231), b. 1848
3. John W GAMMEL (RIN: 02249), b. 15 April 1862 See John W GAMMEL & Arrie Lee WILSON OR John W GAMMEL & Ada
4. Major Wiley GAMMEL (RIN: 02232), b. 18 May 1853 See Major Wiley GAMMEL & Mary P
5. Martha A GAMMEL (RIN: 02209), b. September 1843
6. Olive Jane GAMMEL (RIN: 02242) See Ludlow C BAILEY & Olive Jane GAMMEL
7. William R GAMMEL (RIN: 02210), b. 22 September 1845 See William R GAMMEL & Nancy Ann Elizabeth CARR

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