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Ludlow C BAILEY (RIN: 02243) was born April 1854 in Mississippi, USA. He married Olive Jane GAMMEL 1877. Olive Jane GAMMEL (RIN: 02242), daughter of William M GAMMEL and Jane L MILAM , in Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA. She died aft. 1900.

Children of Ludlow C BAILEY and Olive Jane GAMMEL are:
1. Ethel BAILEY (RIN: 02248), b. June 1895
2. Fairy BAILEY (RIN: 02247), b. August 1887
3. Jamie BAILEY (RIN: 02246), b. May 1884
4. Martha J BAILEY (RIN: 02244), b. July 1878
5. William Alfrod BAILEY (RIN: 02245), b. May 1880

Notes for Ludlow C BAILEY:

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