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John GAMMEL (RIN: 02270), son of Stephen Pate GAMMEL and Mary Ann RUNNELS , was born 1821 in South Carolina, USA. He married Eliza GARRETT 1842. He died 1880 in Union, Mississippi, USA. Eliza GARRETT (RIN: 02271) was born 1826 in Georgia, USA. She died 1880 in Mississippi, USA.

Children of John GAMMEL and Eliza GARRETT are:
1. Alfred GAMMEL (RIN: 02372), b. 1856
2. Benjamin F GAMMEL (RIN: 02388), b. 1866 See William H WELCH & Benjamin F GAMMEL
3. Georgia Ann GAMMEL (RIN: 02349), b. November 1844 See James M FARROW & Georgia Ann GAMMEL OR GUYTON & Georgia Ann GAMMEL OR WILLIAMS & Georgia Ann GAMMEL
4. Joanna GAMMEL (RIN: 02359), b. December 1846 See Henry Taylor GARRISON & Joanna GAMMEL
5. Mary Ella GAMMEL (RIN: 02373), b. January 1861 See Joseph Ellison MAXEY & Mary Ella GAMMEL
6. Stephen Pate GAMMEL (RIN: 02272), b. 29 June 1842 See Stephen Pate GAMMEL & Mary Ann OR Stephen Pate GAMMEL & N Jane "Jennie" DEAN
7. William GAMMEL (RIN: 02387), b. 1863

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