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Henry Taylor GARRISON (RIN: 02360) was born 26 August 1844 in South Carolina, USA. He married Joanna GAMMEL 07 February 1867 in Tippah, Mississippi, USA. He died 31 October 1935 in Union, Mississippi, USA. Joanna GAMMEL (RIN: 02359), daughter of John GAMMEL and Eliza GARRETT , was born December 1846 in Mississippi, USA. She died 21 January 1915 in Union, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Henry Taylor GARRISON and Joanna GAMMEL are:
1. Elma GARRISON (RIN: 02370), b. 1878
2. Georgia E GARRISON (RIN: 02368), b. 1874
3. John T GARRISON (RIN: 02361), b. 15 December 1867 See John T GARRISON & Nannie Lee
4. Leonard GARRISON (RIN: 02371), b. March 1884
5. Permelia GARRISON (RIN: 02367), b. 1870
6. Willis A GARRISON (RIN: 02369), b. 1879

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