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Edgar Lee "Bobby" BOLDEN (RIN: 04522), son of Wheeler Lee BOLDEN and Josephine "Josie" RHEA , was born 27 July 1919. He married Addie Mae BYRD 22 April 1940 in Mount Pleasant, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died 17 July 1997 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Addie Mae BYRD (RIN: 03214), daughter of Jessie BYRD and Elizabeth "Lizzie" SKELTON , was born 1921.

Children of Edgar Lee "Bobby" BOLDEN and Addie Mae BYRD are:
1. Bobbie Nell "Nellie" BOLDEN (RIN: 04561) See Erwin Paul HURDLE & Bobbie Nell "Nellie" BOLDEN
2. Donald Lanier "Knotty" BOLDEN (RIN: 04574), b. 09 September 1958 See Donald Lanier "Knotty" BOLDEN & Susan GAMMONS
3. Faye BOLDEN (RIN: 04548) See Roger Madison GRAVES & Faye BOLDEN OR Billy COOKE & Faye BOLDEN
4. Jerry Cooper BOLDEN (RIN: 04538) See Jerry Cooper BOLDEN & Betty Sue ASH OR Jerry Cooper BOLDEN & Mary Edna CARPENTER
5. Johnny BOLDEN (RIN: 04573)
6. Lucy Mae BOLDEN (RIN: 04525) See John Paul CARPENTER & Lucy Mae BOLDEN OR Ted HOWELL & Lucy Mae BOLDEN

Notes for Edgar Lee "Bobby" BOLDEN:

Notes for Addie Mae BYRD: