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Clyde Manuel "Sonny Boy" BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06315), son of Clyde Aldrich BREEDLOVE and Cora Lee WATKINS , . He died 26 December 2003 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Mary Ann YEAGER (RIN: 06311), daughter of Benny Lee YEAGER and Gladys E MORGAN , .

Children of Clyde Manuel "Sonny Boy" BREEDLOVE and Mary Ann YEAGER are:
1. Beverly Joy "Belle" BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06335) See Joseph Willard WILBURN, Jr & Beverly Joy "Belle" BREEDLOVE
2. Joey BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06333)
3. Misty BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06334)
4. Phoebe BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06318) See Tuck AMMONS & Phoebe BREEDLOVE OR Don BATES & Phoebe BREEDLOVE
5. Tammy BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06325) See Larry Milton CHAMBERS & Tammy BREEDLOVE

Other Marriages/Unions for Mary Ann YEAGER:
See James Ronald "Butch" CURTIS & Mary Ann YEAGER

Notes for Clyde Manuel "Sonny Boy" BREEDLOVE: