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Clyde Aldrich BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06316), son of Harvey Addison BREEDLOVE and Allean WATKINS , . He married Cora Lee WATKINS 02 July 1938 in Benton, Mississippi, USA. He died 17 June 1994. Cora Lee WATKINS (RIN: 06317), daughter of Robert Lee "Robbie" WATKINS and Theora WATKINS , . She died 12 July 2003.

Children of Clyde Aldrich BREEDLOVE and Cora Lee WATKINS are:
1. Bobby Lee BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06826)
2. Charles A BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06804) See Charles A BREEDLOVE & Pauline PITTMAN
3. Clyde Manuel "Sonny Boy" BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06315) See Clyde Manuel "Sonny Boy" BREEDLOVE & Mary Ann YEAGER
4. Debbie BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06827)
5. Jimmy Dale BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06808) See Jimmy Dale BREEDLOVE & Jo Ann YEAGER
6. Michael D BREEDLOVE (RIN: 06813) See Michael D BREEDLOVE & Deborah BUMPAS

Notes for Clyde Aldrich BREEDLOVE:

Notes for Cora Lee WATKINS:

Notes for Bobby Lee BREEDLOVE: