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William Henry FEATHERS (RIN: 01155), son of George Edward "Ed" FEATHERS and Mary Jane YEAGER , was born 1909. Lucille REDD (RIN: 07147).

Children of William Henry FEATHERS and Lucille REDD are:
1. Malinda "Lindy" FEATHERS (RIN: 07693) See Lloyd DYER & Malinda "Lindy" FEATHERS
2. Mary FEATHERS (RIN: 07146) See Charles W WATKINS, Sr & Mary FEATHERS
3. Stella FEATHERS (RIN: 07189) See Henry Eugene WATKINS & Stella FEATHERS
4. Walter Thomas FEATHERS (RIN: 07687) See Walter Thomas FEATHERS & Mary Bell DYER

Notes for William Henry FEATHERS: