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Curtis ADAIR (RIN: 01388) was born 19 January 1919. He died 04 October 1959. Loren WATKINS (RIN: 01558), daughter of Jessie Edward "Ed" WATKINS and Elizabeth "Lizzy" TALLY , was born 30 April 1914. She died 11 June 1978 in Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA.

Children of Curtis ADAIR and Loren WATKINS are:
1. "Poochie" ADAIR (RIN: 01390)
2. Barbara Virginia "Bobby" ADAIR (RIN: 01392) See John K BYRD & Barbara Virginia "Bobby" ADAIR OR Charles Wallace "Chuck" PERRY & Barbara Virginia "Bobby" ADAIR
3. Jerrel "Jerry" ADAIR (RIN: 01389)

Notes for Curtis ADAIR:

Notes for Loren WATKINS: