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Samuel Given BYRD (RIN: 01473), son of Issac BYRD and Rebecca MILLER , was born 14 February 1879 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He married Martha Virginia SKELTON 16 October 1899 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died 05 April 1936 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Martha Virginia SKELTON (RIN: 01472), daughter of William SKELTON and Sarah Jane WATKINS , was born 05 June 1875 in Thomastown Lee Co., MS. She died 01 February 1950 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Samuel Given BYRD and Martha Virginia SKELTON are:
1. Benny Rich BYRD (RIN: 01492), b. 17 April 1909
2. Eliza R. Snow BYRD (RIN: 01493), b. 13 July 1913 See Robbie YEAGER & Eliza R. Snow BYRD
3. Ida BYRD (RIN: 04818), b. 1895
4. Katy T. J BYRD (RIN: 01577), b. 1911 See Loftin SMALLEY & Katy T. J BYRD
5. Martha Jane BYRD (RIN: 01500), b. 30 July 1900 See John Calvin "Son" SKELTON & Martha Jane BYRD
6. Mary Magolene BYRD (RIN: 01474), b. 10 October 1902 See Clyde Loven CARPENTER & Mary Magolene BYRD
7. Samuel Issac "Bogie" BYRD (RIN: 00691), b. 30 August 1905 See Samuel Issac "Bogie" BYRD & Lottie Bell SKELTON

Other Marriages/Unions for Martha Virginia SKELTON:
See Tom YEAGER & Martha Virginia SKELTON

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