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William SKELTON (RIN: 01470), son of George Calvin SKELTON and Rebecca or Eva YEAGER , was born 1843 in Lee, Mississippi, USA. He died 01 August 1915 in Early Grove, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Sarah Jane WATKINS (RIN: 02837), daughter of Henry WATKINS and Jensey , was born 1846 in Lee, Mississippi, USA. She died 1928.

Children of William SKELTON and Sarah Jane WATKINS are:
1. Georgia SKELTON (RIN: 01517), b. abt. 1869
2. Harvey Lee SKELTON (RIN: 00899), b. 15 June 1882 See Harvey Lee SKELTON & Lillie Belle RIGSBY
3. James David "Big Dave" SKELTON (RIN: 01032), b. 31 August 1871 See James David "Big Dave" SKELTON & Sarah Alice FEATHERS OR James David "Big Dave" SKELTON & Viola WILLIAMS
4. John Leonard SKELTON (RIN: 01512), b. 1878
5. Louella SKELTON (RIN: 01514) See Henry DYER & Louella SKELTON
6. Margaret Jane SKELTON (RIN: 01510), b. 24 April 1866 See James H "Jim" ALLEN & Margaret Jane SKELTON
7. Martha Virginia SKELTON (RIN: 01472), b. 05 June 1875 See Samuel Given BYRD & Martha Virginia SKELTON OR Tom YEAGER & Martha Virginia SKELTON
8. Mary Edna SKELTON (RIN: 01516), b. 1880 See John Frank "Johnny" BOLDEN & Mary Edna SKELTON

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