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George Calvin SKELTON (RIN: 01467). Rebecca or Eva YEAGER (RIN: 01468) was born 1835.

Children of George Calvin SKELTON and Rebecca or Eva YEAGER are:
1. James Calvin SKELTON (RIN: 01520), b. 16 April 1854 See James Calvin SKELTON & Adeline Virginia "Addie" YEAGER OR James Calvin SKELTON & Louetta Edna BOGARD
2. John Thomas SKELTON (RIN: 01147), b. 03 July 1858 See John Thomas SKELTON & Josie STAFFORD OR John Thomas SKELTON & Martha Lowe ALLEN
3. Joseph SKELTON (RIN: 01518), b. 1857 See Joseph SKELTON & Ann OR Joseph SKELTON & ELIZA
4. William SKELTON (RIN: 01470), b. 1843 See William SKELTON & Sarah Jane WATKINS

Notes for Rebecca or Eva YEAGER: