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Grayson Alonzo THOMPSON (RIN: 02004), son of Charlie Alvin THOMPSON and Ada Artilla BEATY , . He married Clara Ivadale "Mink" ALLEN 25 January 1940 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. He died 13 May 1995 in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA. Clara Ivadale "Mink" ALLEN (RIN: 02003), daughter of Claude Davis ALLEN and Elizabeth Mae "Lizzie" WILSON , was born 15 January 1923 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA. She died 22 July 1995 in Marshall, Mississippi, USA.

Children of Grayson Alonzo THOMPSON and Clara Ivadale "Mink" ALLEN are:
1. Jerry THOMPSON (RIN: 05463) See Jerry THOMPSON & Vicki CHADWICK OR Jerry THOMPSON & Theresa RIKARD
2. Larry THOMPSON (RIN: 05461) See Larry THOMPSON & Linda CALL
3. Ruth Ann THOMPSON (RIN: 04023) See Grady "Bubba" CREASIE, Jr & Ruth Ann THOMPSON OR Danny ROGERS & Ruth Ann THOMPSON
4. Vernon Rudell THOMPSON (RIN: 05245) See Vernon Rudell THOMPSON & Carolyn ALLEN
5. Wanada THOMPSON (RIN: 01369) See Charles BYRD & Wanada THOMPSON

Notes for Grayson Alonzo THOMPSON:

Notes for Clara Ivadale "Mink" ALLEN: